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          Welcome to Fuzhou AO Magnet Electronic Co.,Ltd,Fuzhou AO Magnet Electronic Co.,Ltd is located in Fuzhou City China,Founded in 1996, Rare Earth Research Institute for technical support background, professional R & D, production of high-performance NdFeBmagnetsand all kinds of permanent magnetic products.We produced NdFeBmagnet having a high coercive force, high consistency of fine features.We can according to customer requirements, development, production and performance of a variety of shapes and magnets.Surface treatment zinc, nickel, nickel-copper-nickel, epoxy, gold, silver and other coatings, electroplating workmanship, good appearance and coating adhesion.Our advantage products include: magnetic hooks, magnetic rods, magnetic rackspowerful magnetassembly; and magnetic decorative wall, magnetic bookmark, magnetic book, and other magnetic promotional gifts fridge magnet, magnetic technology to give customers one-stop solutions .
          All products have passed environmental certification, the products are exported to America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.After six years of sustained development Ayr, gathered a group of experienced professional technicians and highly qualified team of employees.The company has formed a complete quality monitoring and management system, has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification.Customer-oriented, pragmatic innovation, better quality policy has been leading us forward.Our magnetic company is Shenzhen SME Development Association governing units, Bao'an Network Association executive director units, and has received Shenzhen A-class taxpayers Honor.Our vision is to make China permanent magnetic materials industry benchmark companies, providing customers with the most competitive high-quality permanent magnetic products for the happiness of all our unremitting efforts to achieve with employees, customers and suppliers sustained win-win is our eternal goal.
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